Footsteps of a Dreamer

Find your unique individual message and meaning within these written semantics, expectantly hoping that it has a lasting impact on you!

Footsteps of a Dreamer


Art enriches our lives. It can present itself in many ways. Whether you are pulsating or moving slowly to music, watching a graceful ballerina pirouette, listening to poetry that moves your soul, allowing the crystal voice of an opera singer to flood your being… Or simply knowing how to just be in silence… All your senses can be stimulated by opening your heart and mind.

You will be transcended as you embark on the author’s shared journey. Your ability to escape into her world and be measurably inspired, will open the possibility and ability to connect with something outside yourself and your world as you know it.

A shift in mood might result in you escaping into another soul’s story as it enfolds before you.

Your heart will be filled with renewed hope…

You will feel the undeniable intense stirring in your soul… Take a leap of faith… Step out of your comfort zone.. Change…